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Get Started with Consultation and Assistance Regarding CalSavers Compliance and Adoption of EZ$AVINGS4U as an Alternative


Complete the EZ$AVINGS4U Info Form below ASAP

(by December 31, 2023 if you want to beat the deadline for employers with 5 or more employees)

and email it to 


Pay the 50% deposit below to begin the EZ$AVINGS4U implementation process, using the same email address stated on your completed form.

Alternatively, you may send a $1,000 check to McClements Insurance Services, LLC:

580 Broadway St., Suite 213, Laguna Beach CA, 92651


  • Employer should review all online training videos and the hard-copy manual (which will be mailed out    as soon as the Employer Info Form is submitted)

  • Coordinate with EZ$AVINGS4U if any documents / forms need to be customized to meet the employer's need

  • Announce EZ$AVINGS4U to employees, distribute and collect signed Announcement forms and       Opt-Out forms

  • Log on to the CalSavers website and register your company as having an alternative retirement plan

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